ECE 476

Professor Nicola Elia

#3131, Coover


Ph: 515-294-3579


Objective and Content

The main objective of this Lab course is to equip the students with controller design and implementation skills, which are not offered in the other courses of the systems and control sequence. Another objective is to introduce the students to more advanced control topics required in the profession and to prepare for graduate studies. These include: Modeling, Identification, Linearization, and Modern Multivariable control.

The course covers various control aspects that complete and complement the classical control theory EE475, with hands on experimentation and design in the lab and lectures on specific topics. Lectures cover: Linear Algebra review, State-space representation of dynamical systems, basic modeling of electromechanical systems using Newton and Lagrangian methods, linearization, and stabilization of equilibrium points, introduction to modern MIMO control.

Three experiments will be covered

  1. Programming logic controllers  and Industrial Trainer (PLC) 
  2. Motor Control Trainer (Main manual) (Assigned experiments)
  3. Pendubot experiment (Exercises and Notes)

The objective of the first experiment is to provide students programming skills of Programmable Logic Controllers, which are wide spread in process control.

The objectives of the Motor Control Trainer are 1) Modeling of a linear electromechanical system 2) Identify and validate the model through experiments and data analysis 3) Design velocity and position controllers using classical control methods.

The Pendubot is nonlinear system and exposes the students to issues frequently encountered in practice. 1) The students are guided to the derivation on the nonlinear model. 2) Linearize the system at various equilibrium points. 3) Analyze stability of the equilibria and controllability of the linearization. 4) Design a state feedback controller to stabilize the different equilibria.

More details in the Syllabus

Teaching  Assistants:

Matt Rich,  Email:

Office: 3113 Coover Hall,



HWl due Feb 17

HW2 due Mar 3 Data files are here

HW3 4.5 optional self study due Mar 26 2014

HW4 due in class 04/02/2014

HW5 due in class 04/16/2014

Course  Announcement:

First Quiz Exam Feb 17

Take-home due Wed in class.



Same as EE475: Modern Control Engineering (5th Edition) by Katsuhiko Ogata (Paperback - Aug 30, 2009)


MW  4-5


Howe 1220

Office hours


Grading policy

After each experiment is completed there will be an exam on the material related to the experiment. Each such exam will count towards 15% of the grade. The HW will count towards 10% of the grade. The rest of the grade will be evenly distributed between the three experiments. The grade on this part will depend on success of each group on the experiment which will be evaluated based on demonstrations.  During a demonstration  all the group members have  to be present. Any absentee will lose all the points if he/she is not present during a project demonstration. Any person who contributes towards the betterment of the course will be given extra credit.

Other comments

The experiments in this course will have the nature of projects where the group conducts experiments and debugs them mostly on their own. This course will involve  use of Matlab and simulink. Manuals are never to be taken from the lab. No hardware should be tampered with. Any person who is found doing so will be given an F grade.